IFV NAMER: a leopard for the Israeli armored component

(To Tiziano Ciocchetti)

The Tsahal is introducing into service an updated version of the NAMER combat vehicle ("leopard" in Hebrew).

The NAMER - derived from the hull of MBT MERKAVA MKIV, which has the engine in the front position - with a weight of 60 tons (driven by a propeller that delivers 1.200 Hp) is at the top of the category in terms of survival capacity (this does not mean that it is invulnerable) on the battlefields, thanks also to the active defense system TROPHY. Previous versions have, as arming, only a Browning machine gun in the 12,7x99 caliber and a FN Mag in the 7,62x51 caliber.

The vertices of the IDF have decided to increase it with a remotized turret equipped with a 30 mm machine gun (probably an ATK Mk-44 Bushmaster II) and a retractable ramp capable of launching the SPIKE ER counterweight missiles (with a maximum range of 8.000 meters).

With such a mass the strategic mobility of the NAMER is strongly limited, however the levels of personnel protection, within it, are very high, ensuring a significant chance of survival even in high-intensity war scenarios.

Photo: IDF