The "Tullio Tedeschi", the second High Speed ​​Multifunctional Naval Unit, was launched

(To Intermarine)

The launch ceremony of the “Tullio Tedeschi” Naval Unit was held this morning in Messina, the second of the two UNPAV (High-speed Multifunctional Naval Unit) commissioned by the Italian Navy to Intermarine SpA (subsidiary of the listed industrial group Immsi SpA - IMS .ME).

The event took place in the presence of the Chief of Staff of the Italian Navy Admiral Squad Valter Girardelli, of the management of Intermarine, of the civil and religious authorities.

The ship was given the name of "Tullio Tedeschi", a non-commissioned officer of the Regia Marina, active in the Xth MAS Flotilla and later to the Assault Command of Taranto (Mariassalto) during the Second World War. Decorated with the Gold Medal for Military Valor for the sinking of the English heavy cruiser York 26 in March 1941 in Suda Bay in Crete, the Germans incursor, 1910 class, passed away in his hometown, Isernia, the 2 November of the 1987.

Godmother of the launch was her daughter Rosangela Tedeschi.

UNPAV is a versatile and modern naval vessel that will provide a high value to the Navy's specific capabilities, in particular ensuring support for the activities of its Special Forces (Raid Operative Group - GOI), both in the training phase and in the course of operations real. The two units of the class ("Cabrini", head of the class, and "Tedeschi") will also contribute to the control of maritime traffic, the combating of illicit traffic, security in environments with asymmetric threat and the evacuation of personnel from areas of crisis.

"With the launch and subsequent delivery of Nave Tedeschi, the program for the construction of high-speed multi-purpose units concludes, providing the divers and raiders with modern tools capable of satisfying the requirements of mobility, projectability and intervention capacity of the our raiders "said Team Admiral Valter Girardelli, Chief of Staff of the Navy. "The country's maritime strategy, in its military component, must guarantee the defense of its territory on the sea, a true open frontier not easily manageable, with the adoption of a vision that promotes an increasingly continuous and synergetic management of the" Defense "domains Advanced "and" Internal Security ".

"Intermarine is among the world leaders in the design, construction and equipment of military ships with very stringent operational requirements, which are the result of a long phase of improvement and adaptation of our basic project to the specific needs of each client"said Livio Corghi, Intermarine CEO. "We have established ourselves on the international market thanks to the excellent reputation gained by supplying the world's most prestigious navies of special ships, especially minesweepers, as well as aluminum patrol boats and composite material for search and rescue activities, and UNPAVs, extraordinary units. Working with our Navy is certainly a source of great pride and satisfaction. "

La Tullio tedeschi is the second of the two High Speed ​​Multifunctional Naval Units commissioned by the Italian Navy to Intermarine in the 2016.