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The event was held from the 19 to the 23 in June at the Maritime Military Arsenal of La Spezia SEAFUTURE & MT 2018 (

The award was also announced this year SEAFUTURE AWARDS 2018, aimed at graduates, PhD students and PhDs with theses whose object were products or processes in the field of marine technologies that could be used in dual use sectors and / or that employed innovative materials, and / or which provided for refitting and / or that made use of IoT and / or technologies that concerned robotics and / or had a low environmental impact.

The prize was also announced for the first time during the event SEAFUTURE AWARDS 2018 - HIGH SCHOOLS who intended to enhance the dissemination of information or essays by secondary school students, addressed to topics, products or processes in the field of marine technologies, whose main theme was the protection of the environment and biomimetics, as a source of inspiration for the improvement of technologies. The papers had to be the result of a reflection and in-depth research on the subject dealt with. It was a rewarding element for the integration of research with one or more interviews with experts. Students enrolled in the last two years of secondary schools could participate in the prize.

The selection of the finalist candidates

The selection of the works was carried out by a Scientific Committee made up of representatives of universities, research centers and companies representing the organizing partners of the event.

The proclamation of the 7 finalists for each category took place on the 22 June during the SEAFUTURE M & T 2018, at the Maritime Military Arsenal of La Spezia.

The selection of winners

Participating companies in SEAFUTURE M & T 2018 they then voted on these projects by selecting i 3 winning projects for each category (Graduates and High Schools) that will be awarded the next 8 March during the event "GUIDELINES".

The prices

For the category HIGH SCHOOLS, the first place will be awarded a prize of 1.000 euro, the second of 700 euro and the third of 500 euro.

For the Graduates category, the winner has been assigned a voucher for participation in the Bluegrowth Summer School (made by the University of Ghent - Belgium) in September 2018 ( The award included return journey, board, lodging and participation in the two weeks of advanced training. The runner-up will receive a prize of Euro 1.500 and the third place will receive a prize of Euro 1.000.

Application submission date Full Name Last Name Institute TITLE THEME / BRIEF DESCRIPTION
1 classified 17.05.2018 Emanuele Pauletta IIS G. Capellini N.Sauro LISTENING TO THE SEA Creation of a new type of hydrophone whose dual purpose is to increase, among ordinary people, the knowledge of the underwater sound landscape and to help scientific research in the activity of data acquisition.
Laura Belloni
Caesar Tale
Davide Peroni
2 classified 18.05.2018 Federico Cheli ITIS Galileo Galilei FIDO: the marine vehicle for the protection of the sea FIDO is a marine vehicle able to autonomously follow a set course.
During his journey FIDO analyzes the air on the surface of the water in search of the
volatile components of organic compounds (VOCs). FIDO will receive a series of GPS coordinates that are used by an algorithm that allows you to follow the set route. This algorithm uses the Madgwick filter in combination with a magnetometer to obtain the angle of deviation from magnetic north. FIDO will be equipped with a proportional, integrative and derivative (PID) controller in order to correct and follow the set course.
Alessandro Fiorini
Simone Ianniciello
3 classified 16.05.2018 Matthew Sampiero IISS Parentucelli - Arzelà PROJECT MARE NOSTRUM Project of ASL Project aimed at the collection, classification and analysis of marine waste (in particular plastic and microplastic) in some coastal areas of Tuscany and Liguria, within the macro area of ​​the "Pelagos Sanctuary". The project has also scheduled monitoring, data collection and the creation of a video.