MBDA places Poland's MESKO in its global missile production chain


MBDA, the leading European missile manufacturer, has today partnered with MESKO SA to include the Polish company in its global missile supply chain. The contracts, from MBDA to MESKO SA, were signed today at MSPO 2019 in Kielce, Poland.

The agreement includes components within several missiles including the CAMM air defense family and the Brimstone attack missile.

The contracts between MBDA and MESKO SA, a PGZ company, follow the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement between MBDA and PGZ on the February 2017 missiles. Since then, detailed assessments have been conducted between the two parties, which recognize the advantages and strengths of mutual cooperation.

CAMM and Brimstone are also offered in Poland for programs Narew e Tank Destroyer. In addition to global production chain opportunities, MBDA's cooperation with PGZ affects an unprecedented level in missile technology and the transfer of know-how to the Polish industry.