Boeing teams up with Aerion Corp. to accelerate supersonic flight

(To Boeing)

Boeing today announced a partnership with Aerion Corp., a company based in Reno, Nevada, pioneering in the field of next-generation supersonic aircraft. Under the agreement, Boeing made a significant investment in Aerion in order to accelerate the development of aircraft technology and design and to pave the way for supersonic flight into new markets. The terms of the agreement have not been disclosed.

Boeing will provide engineering, production and flight test resources, as well as specific know-how to bring the AS2 supersonic business jet to the market. The AS2 is designed to reach speeds up to 1,4 Mach or about 1.000 miles per hour. Thanks to the ability to fly 70% faster than current business jets, AS2 will save about three hours on a transatlantic flight, satisfying or even exceeding environmental performance targets. The plane will make its first scheduled flight in the 2023.

"Boeing is leading a mobility transformation that will connect the world safely and efficiently faster than ever," said Steve Nordlund, Boeing NeXt vice president and general manager. "This is a strategic, cutting-edge investment in the future development of supersonic technology. Through this partnership that combines Aerion's supersonic expertise with Boeing's industrial level and its experience in aeronautics, we have the right team to build the future of sustainable supersonic flight ".

Founded in the 2003 to develop new efficient aerodynamic technologies for supersonic aircraft, Aerion introduced its 12 passenger jet business project into the 2. In the 2014, he presented the design of the AS2018 GE Affinity engines, engines that meet current emissions and noise standards.

"Aerion is the industrial leader that defines the successful and sustainable supersonic return to flight," said Tom Vice, chairman, president and chief executive officer of Aerion. "AS2 is the launch point for the future of efficient and compliant supersonic flight. Together with Boeing, we are creating a faster and more connected future with exceptional possibilities to boost the productivity and potential of humanity ".

Boeing NeXt works with industrial partners and regulatory agencies to define the responsible introduction of a new mobility ecosystem. The division's portfolio includes activities on prototypes and programs that will shape the future of urban, regional and global mobility. These programs include autonomous air vehicles and hypersonic passenger transport aircraft.