The tests for Leonardo's BriteCloud electronic protection system on the Typhoon aircraft of the Royal Air Force are underway

(To Leonardo)

Leonardo was selected by the UK Ministry of Defense to carry out a series of in-flight tests for its "BriteCloud 55" electronic protection system. The objective of the tests is to authorize the operational use of the countermeasure on the Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft of the Royal Air Force (RAF). The BriteCloud entered service last year aboard the Tornado GR4 fleet of RAF, the first air force in the world to field this innovative protection technology.

The first practice session was conducted in the United Kingdom in April. To test the BriteCloud, in a complex variety of scenarios, was the 41ma Squadron "Test and Evaluation", an operational unit of the RAF that has the task of evaluating the systems and equipment of an aircraft.

Designed and manufactured at the Luton plant in the United Kingdom, the BriteCloud is an innovative, high-tech, small-sized system that guarantees the highest levels of radar-guided missile protection. Leonardo is the only company in the world able to miniaturize the Digital Radio Frequency Memory (DRFM) noise technology so as to allow the countermeasure to be released by a standard chaff and flare dispenser.

Before authorizing the operational use of BriteCloud on Tornados, MoD UK conducted numerous tests to validate the performance of the device, ensuring that it could be safely launched from the aircraft and developing a real operating manual for its use on mission . This will provide a solid foundation for the in-service acceptance of the Typhoon fleet.

BriteCloud is a family of products available on the market in numerous variants. In addition to the BriteCloud 55, so named for compatibility with 55 mm launchers such as those installed on the Typhoon and Gripen E aircraft, Leonardo also produces the 218 model - 2 dimensions "x1" x8 "- for fighters that use square-shaped launchers , like the F-16 and the F-15, and Leonardo has developed the BriteCloud 55-T, a more powerful version of the 55, able to protect larger aircraft like the C27-J, C-130 and L 'A400M.