Airbus and Orbital Insight launch Earth Monitor to provide geopolitical and economic insights

(To Airbus)

Airbus Defense and Space and Orbital Insight have expanded their partnership for the development of Earth Monitor, a powerful change analysis service that provides an in-depth understanding of the situation in predefined areas of interest or new competence.

Earth Monitor, available through the platform OneAtlas of Airbus, makes use of the experience of machine learning and computerized vision of Orbital Insight and, through powerful algorithms, it detects changes in infrastructure and land use almost in real time, as well as identifying and counting cars, trucks and even aircraft in the short term. This advanced service combines Airbus's reactive tasking capabilities and the premium images of the Living Library, so as to offer access to advanced statistical analysis, trends and detection maps.

"Earth Monitor is the result of a fruitful collaboration with Orbital Insight and is the basis of our analysis strategy as a key component of our growing portfolio"said Francois Lombard, Head of Intelligence Business within Airbus Defense and Space. "Thanks to Earth Monitor, our customers will be able to draw accurate, timely and meaningful conclusions, allowing them to buy time and allocate resources where it matters most."

"From the beginning of our dialogue with Airbus, we realized that OneAtlas provides a unique opportunity to combine Airbus configuration and tasking services with the power of our analytical capabilities"said James Crawford, CEO and founder of Orbital Insight. "We are proud and enthusiastic that Earth Monitor will use our dynamic algorithms so that users can monitor economic activities and detect changes in the areas of most interest to them, allowing customized analytical projects to define what, where and when".