Venezuela: are we still watching?

(To Maria Grazia Labellarte)

Last 25 January, the Commission of the Venezuelan Bishops for Justice and Peace, was expressed on the issue of repression in progress in recent days in the country, commented commented and published on the network by Catholic News Agency.

The Bishops have invited the Government of Maduro to respect "the life and safety of all Venezuelans, including those who protest civilly" and they asked "the cessation of the violation of human rights and the guarantee of all citizens' rights".

Since January 21, repression and violence have been increasingly used by the security forces of the state (and by some armed bands ...), against people who are civilly protesting.
The statement reads "We deeply deplore the death, pain and suffering of our people.The balance of injured, dead, arbitrarily detained, tortured and persecuted throughout the land violates the dignity and human rights of citizens.It is a clamor that cries to heaven: stop the repression! ".

The bishops of Venezuela affirm that Maduro's second mandate is illegitimate, and have expressed their support for peaceful demonstrations of opposition, calling them a "sign of hope" for the necessary democratic change. Some bishops took part in the marches. The Bishops' Commission for Justice and Peace also urged prayer "that constitutional order be restored to a spiritually and materially prosperous nation".

According to some Venezuelan webmagazines "dozens of children from the 23 January, they would not come home after school". Others report that other boys and children would be ill-treated and imprisoned in terrible conditions in military prisons, on the orders of "judges appointed by Nicolás Maduro". The formal accusation against these children would be "terrorism".

The political repression began on January 21 (two days before the national protest called by interim president Juan Guaidó to demand the cessation of the usurpation of the power of Maduro) already counts dozens of dead and over 850 inmates. One of the first victims was a teenager (photo).

The question of Venezuela is becoming more and more delicate not only within the country but also among the already precarious international balances. In Italy, is the government still watching?

Art. 350 of the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela states that "The people of Venezuela, faithful to its republican tradition, to its struggle for independence, peace and freedom, REFUSES any regime, legislation or authority that is contrary to democratic values, principles and guarantees or diminishes human rights". The initiative of interim president Guaidó is therefore not a "forcing" - as implies too much Press - but an act envisaged by the Venezuelan Charter.

That the world is splitting up between the two South American contenders is evident. That there are manipulations in the information is equally inevitable.

The question at this point is: in the event that the growing phenomenon of Venezuelan "desaparecidos" will be confirmed, the blood of tens, hundreds or thousands of innocents will also fall on our government? Watching will not wash away the blood of men, women and children from your hands.