Depleted Uranium: flag of the Movement lowered by its own ministers?

(To Nicolò Manca)

Read the "Report on the state of health of the Italian military and civilian personnel" presented last May at the Parliament by the Trenta ministers and Grillo presented in 10 condemning itself without escape to a masochistic rereading of the document (, in an attempt to decipher the content and above all the aims of what it is it has all the flavor of a denial of what has been declared to date in terms of depleted uranium. But things get even more complicated if the same reader comes across the next joint Askanews release of 19 June which seems to deny that denial.

Starting from the report in question, an overabundance of useless pages (with the sole purpose of “making volume”) and the inclusion of off-topic elements such as "Cohort studies on workers in nuclear fuel production and reprocessing plants" or "The risk coefficients elaborated from the data of the survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki." Better to let it go!

More worthy of attention instead than repeated several times in terms of "Exclusion of connection between UI and tumors" supported by the oncologist Mandelli, by UNEP and by the countries that have used soldiers in the territories of the former Yugoslavia. The fact that other scientists are not mentioned, and in particular the powerful research carried out in the 2001 by the oncologist Franco Nobile, throws more than one suspicion on the Minister Grillo, as it raises more than a suspicion that the Minister Trenta did not ask himself if, when , where and who used bullets to the UI in the areas and in the period examined. If it is understandable that Grillo does not intend military things, it is equally understandable that the Trenta does not chew on health aspects, without prejudice to both of them having the duty to read up also in the field of the neighbor!

For the rest the whole document is studded with acknowledged that the percentage of cancer patients among the military and civilian employed outside the area is always lower than that of both the entire national basin and the soldiers not employed abroad (see page 22, 23, particularly interesting the 25, 26, 32, 33 and 37).

At this point one would expect a resounding "But then the UI not only does not cause oncological diseases, but even immunizes them and contrasts them!" But no. Further appropriations are expected to further investigate the UI (and not the vaccines or other numerous possible causes of cancer diseases) and in particular (page 28) on the "... presence of internal contamination ... obtained by analyzing military personnel with fragments or shrapnel of bullets depleted uranium". But if none of our soldiers had been injured by the splinters in question, it would be sufficient to study any bearer of dental prostheses or stents, notoriously made with depleted uranium, such as Grillo well know but also the Trenta should know.

At this point, the 19 June Asknews release that reads (the Grillo) comes into play "... from this support (the relationship) we start to move forward ... and re-launch this battle which is one flag of the Movement" (textual!), and then the Trenta that urges "... a technical table was set up ... aimed at the study of new data ... in defense of the victims affected by depleted uranium".

What you are not willing to say and do, even outside of any logic, to support the faltering political situation of a party with pressing survival problems!

Understandable the bewilderment and disorientation that also affected supporters of the two ministers, from Marshal Domenico Leggiero (who still does not agree with the medical-scientific convictions of the greatest national and other oncologists) to Marshal Pasquale Fico (engaged in a strike of hungry to get from his defense minister (!) the necessary funds for the reorganization of careers.)

Alas, how many things could have been done if the Minister Trenta had not handed over to the Movement those 500 millions snatched from the miserable defense budget! As a son and son-in-law of two marshals, I would suggest the Marshals Leggiero and Fico to be wary of politics. Politicians are interested in a party while the military is interested in, or should be interested in, the uniform and, I would add, just as magistrates should be interested in the toga.

To worthily close this jumble of contradictions that brings to mind the rambling reasoning spells of Fantozzi of the best times, a priceless "Dear General Farina" is proposed, with which a graduate who signs himself CMCS "QS" Carlo Chiariglione on the web, turns to army number one. The corporal gives public notice to the egregious general "Not to be more interested and motivated to meet her" specifying that "This provision (sic) was not aimed at asking for personal favors ... but to present them ... strong predisposing and precipitating risk factors (sic) in possible suicides among the personnel employed by him". I translate: the threat and responsibilities for depleted uranium give birth to new criminalizing elements to keep in reserve for a possible future campaign. However, after a polite accusation of having been completely misrepresented (translated: the egregious general would not have understood a blessed mace perhaps because he was badly advised) and a fleeting but necessary reference to the Tricolor (you never know ... with these generals who don't think about it enough!) the graduate specifies that "Still having at heart the well-being of the staff, I am willing to make a comparison ...!" Considering this edifying backtracking, despite the initial closure, I would like to suggest to General Farina to ask the union corporal to be able to confer with him in spite of everything.

Unthinkable (at least until recently) jokes apart, it is all too obvious that by now the situation of the FA is seriously compromised and that "an army like this is better to close it", as I already heard in Sassari twenty years ago from the general Engraved by Camerana ... and then things were, compared to the current ones, all roses and flowers.

Since the current situation is unequivocally the result of the epochal management of the Minister Trenta and considering that a reshuffle aimed at replacing it seems faded, I believe that to save what can be saved there is only one way: a concordant stance of the four heads of state greater. Defense, Army, Navy and Air Force should propose to the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces the alternative: "Either the Minister Trenta or us". It is not said that such a decision (taken in the past by someone and, in my small way, also by me) is decisive, but at least it would serve to give substance to the appeal launched last March by the pages of LImes by General Jean: "We do not finish destroying our Armed Forces, because they could serve us". And I'm sure that Carlo Jean didn't think about commitments dual-use and similar epochal initiatives in the Trenta version.

However, being certain that my proposal will not be accepted and that the Head of State will not divert his attention from the reception of migrants to concentrate on the pressing dramatic situation of the Defense (and, I would add, of Justice), I commit myself for the future to not further disturb the operator. Who has ears to understand mean. And if in the future I had to miss seeing a flag group or hear a trumpet blast, I will no longer see any ceremony from the top of a stand but confused among the people. The mere thought of being addressed by a unionist in uniform lined up with a party with an "egregious General Manca" gives me hives.