Depleted uranium: deafening silence or endless din?


With obsessive cadence for many years the argument "depleted uranium in the Sardinian polygons" is proposed again. The theme is much loved by a certain political party and taken up by the press in search of an audience in a public opinion that is generally disinterested in the military world; it matters little if what has been written about this until now is deliberately ignored. With the new government's descent into the field, the appeal against "the deafening silence on depleted uranium" could not therefore be missed.

At this point it is legitimate to ask: IS SILENT OR ABSORBENT DINNER?

To kick off the festivities this time a representative of the other half of the sky from the other half of the globe was surprisingly mobilized: from Australia. It is not possible to know the reasons that led the lady involved in the new campaign, Lisa Maria Celeste Camillo Satta, to fly from the island of kangaroos to the island of sheep, but the suspicion is that we wanted to follow in the footsteps of the singer Piero Pelù, exhibited some time ago in a musical initiative that crossed the unknown field of the UI, once again making the inhabitants of Perdasdefogu go crazy, who, in the guise of holders of the world guinness of longevity (, felt damaged in this image by the singer's impromptu shot.

To encourage the debate that the next 4 April will develop around a video produced by Camillo-Satta (the tax payer would like to know who financed the feature film that will be screened in Rome in the "new classroom of parliamentary groups") it may be useful to summarize the main elements that have emerged so far on the subject of "UI in the Sardinian polygons". However, elements well known to one of the participants in the meeting, the former Senator Scanu, whose tireless work in the specific field ended up provoking criticism even from the party comrades in which he militates, so much so that on the occasion of the last political elections the his application has not been resubmitted. The other participants in the Roman meeting will be the Minister of Defense, Health, the President of the Fourth Defense Committee of the Chamber and other lesser figures.

First element of interest: in the Sardinian polygons a bullet was never fired at the UI. The various committees of inquiry, which obviously never disputed this truth, simply considered such a circumstance marginal; inevitable that most people simply consider it grotesque that with such a prerequisite (even before ignoring the opinions of the oncologists and the scientists that will be mentioned later) there has continued to be a public squandering of money to strike up endless processes, still in progress, and even to resurrect pastors who have died long ago.

Second element: we continue to ignore the fact that the UI has always been used to make over a thousand objects of daily use: from locks for homes to candles for cars, to microphones, to microwave ovens, etc., up to, dulcis in fundo, the stent that cardiac surgeons insert us into the coronaries. It comforts the fact that Professor Remuzzi, director of the Mario Negri Institute of Bergamo, has informed that the UI emits 3 radiation millions of times lower than those emitted by the Ra-226, which is nothing but the paint that makes visible in the dark the hands of alarm clocks and watches.

Third element: the oncologist Franco Mandelli and professor Franco Nobile already in the 2001 certified, following powerful investigations and studies also conducted by the Tuscan Coordination of the Cancer League on a large sample population, that acute or lethal risks due to radioactive effects were excluded. or chemicals due to the presence of UI bullets (those that should never be used in Sardinian polygons).

Fourth element: the Public Prosecutor of Cagliari on 25 nov. 2011 and the Regional Environmental Agency of Sardinia on 1 apr. 2015 have excluded the presence in the Sardinian polygons of traces of radioactivity of anthropic origin. The 17 apr. 2015 the TAR of Sardinia ruled that the death of Valery Melis, an unfortunate boy "exhibited" for years as an anti-UI symbol, was due to causes that had nothing to do with the UI.

Fifth element: the Higher Institute of Health (professor Musumeci) and the UNEP Commission agreed in stating that "both radiological and chemical risks dependent on the presence of UI-based bullets - those, it is reiterated, NEVER used in Sardinia - are irrelevant ".

Sixth element: the last in order of time the professors Giorgio Trenta and Mario Marini of the Polytechnic of Milan have confirmed the opinions expressed by their predecessors and excluded any hypothesis of environmental disaster in the Sardinian polygons. Noteworthy that the circumstance, not functional to the formulation of an indictment of anyone but aimed exclusively at the search for truth, has given rise to an accusation of "inexperience".

Seventh element (never taken into consideration by the committees of inquiry): concerns the longevity certificates issued both by international bodies (World Guiness issued to the nine Melis brothers of Perdasdefogu and similar certificates issued by the 50 members of the ICC-Centenary International Committee) and by national bodies (see the study conducted by the two researchers of the University of Cagliari, Luca Gaviano and Donatella Petretto, attesting that the town of Teulada is one of the blue-zones of the planet, since 3600 has been registered on 4 ultra centenarians, 330 over eighty years old. and 953 over 65 years old ... all in excellent physical and intellectual condition).

At this point, every effort should be made to discover the causes of the diseases that also affect men in uniform, without ignoring cigarette smoking, family cancer oncology, drug use, alcohol abuse and employment. of harmful substances such as solvents and the cleaner used by the military (and hunters) for the maintenance of weapons.

To operate in this light can also be used to dispel the suspicion that we are talking about UI, military syndicate, overweight personnel and many other problems to evade the main one: the dramatic situation in which the credibility of the Italian armed forces fumbles, a topic well researched by Carlo Jean in the analysis published in the latest issue of "Limes" under the heading "WE DO NOT WANT TO DESTROY OUR ARMED FORCES BECAUSE WE COULD SERVE US" ... of which reading is highly recommended.

General Nicolò Manca