Salvini brings a message from Uncle Sam. For Mattarella, not for Di Maio

(To David Rossi)

Repubblica claims that the Trump administration, through the mouth of state secretary Mike Pompeo, asked Matteo Salvini to complete the TAP "whatever it takes". Whatever it takes. It was also the end of the government season with the Five Stars.

Who knows what the all-round Atlantic Francesco Cossiga would have said in the face of a similar stance?

Well, forgive the late President of the Republic, we like to imagine this reaction: the League must be patriotic for real and be careful to play with a nationalist party ... foreign as are its allies. Yes, because the refusal of the TAP pipeline is a gift to Moscow. As I am a cadeau for Putin the support to Maduro and the lack of a common front against Guaidò, the cuts to the F35 program, the approach to China, flirting with Qatar, support for Serraj and so on.

Readers will say that Americans have done - in the last two decades - so many crapies that ... Yeah, what conclusion do you draw from them? And then who has not made nonsense internationally in recent years?

The Chinese, who also seem to be in great shape, have condemned themselves to a dreadful demographic decline in the next two generations with the infamous one-child policy. The Russians have thrown themselves into all the political and military crises of the former Soviet empire and have not concluded one: from Ukraine to Moldavia, from Georgia to Chechnya, from Syria to Central Asia, they have sown Eurasia of bases and occupation troops, without coming to nothing. Germany - fat and lazy - has produced a political-military abortion. The United Kingdom has been at the lowest point of its geopolitical history since the time of Maria Tudor. India is struggling to emerge, bent by a very corrupt leadership. Turkey is about to lose its usual ally (American-led NATO) to replace it with the enemy of the other yesterday. Brazil was the most glaring geopolitical and geo-economic meteor of the 21st century.

On Arab countries, it is better to spread a pitiful veil: "In fifty years, we will look back and see that we have been the most stupid of men", in a comment I collected from the manager of an oil company.

Gentlemen, the pending question from a while ago has a simple answer: America, at least for us Europeans, has no alternative. Do you have so many debts? If it fails, the whole world fails. Can't balance China and Russia anymore? Only those who have the ring on their nose believe in it: Washington's military budget exceeds that of Moscow and Beijing together.

Bravo Matteo, the pilgrimage to Washington did not help you with the image (Trump did not deign to take a selfie), but he undoubtedly allowed you to bring a clear message to Italy, which the Quirinale probably received well: Italy cannot afford a government-led Five-star hotel without a robust Euro-Atlantic counterweight. As the current PD certainly is not.

Frame: US Department of State