Conscientious or outlawed objectors?

(To Nicolò Manca)

With the case Sea Watch 3 the dilemma of whether to exercise conscientious objection or simply mock the law has been reiterated, albeit with a pharisaic and partisan spirit.

It is beyond dispute that it is the duty and obligation of Minister Salvini tuonare "Jail for those who do not respect the law", forgetting however that he himself attacked Renzi in his time, quoting Don Milani: "To wrong laws one must disobey until it changes".

It is less acceptable for parliamentarians traveling to Lampedusa (Del Rio, Orfini, Fratoianni, etc.) to preach conscientious objection to laws approved by the parliament of which they are a part.

Even more serious then if the magistracy did not respect the law, while it is more understandable that it is against party leaders (Zingaretti, Gentiloni, the same Del Rio, in tandem with the inevitable Pope Bergoglio) in their capacity as a political opposition force. One wonders if the Del Rio that was run by the 43 aspiring illegal migrants both Del Rio himself and minister responsible for the supervision of motorway bridges (including the "Morandi") did not feel the moral duty to appear at the funeral of the dead 43 for the collapsed bridge.

Finally discounted the inevitable participation in the political arena of the various Roberto Saviano, Adriano Sofri, Vauro Senesi and that refined gentleman radical-shit (my modest English does not accept interference from the automatic corrector) of Oliviero Toscani, who used a very elegant word, at least in his mouth, to define the Northern League minister and the respective party (more) and who, like the writer, voted the League.

It goes without saying that it was the young captain, the idealist Carola Rackete, who broke the law, who, perhaps to balance the paternal interests in terms of production and trade in arms, fell into the noble role of savior of human lives (after payment of a deposit, means, and with final balance at the end of the transaction). The fact that the young missionary did not stop at the intimations of the GdF boat, threatening to overwhelm her with her beast of 600 tons, has been elegantly overcome, as is now used, with an "apologize". When you risk killing (or killing) someone, now it is fashionable in fact not to invoke forgiveness but ... apologize! ("Excuse me if I have disabled or killed your son." "But you think, among gentlemen ... God forbid! Of course I apologize ... especially if it can be used to reduce your sentence!")

Now that's the story Sea Watch is launched on the tested point and line tracks, with the NGOs that take unaccompanied children fleeing the war by appointment (in fact some are a bit overweight, with their haircuts as fashion commands and cell phones escaping torturers Libyans), some reflection does not hurt.

That Italy continues to suffer, thanks to the complicity of the fifth local columns, the grotesque staging of NGOs and Caroles on duty, has something of farce and humiliating. Moreover, he has the hallucinating that the fifth columns in question pretend not to remember the atrocities in terms of illegal migration committed in the past by their political party.

March 1991: drowned in a single night in the Sicilian 850 Albanian Channel fleeing hunger.

28 March 1997: to face the arrival of the Albanians again (Prodi Prime Minister, Dini to Foreign Affairs, D'Alema party secretary, plus Andreatta, Napolitano, Veltroni and company singer) the entire 28 ° Naval Group is deployed in the Adriatic . Nave Sibilla spurs a boat full of Albanians: 81 between dead and missing (of which 31 aged under 16 years). No one under investigation among the political figures then in power.

It is obvious that hammering today on racist and Nazi-fascist Northern League aims to achieve a multiplicity of objectives, first of all the electoral recovery of a political party in the odor of extinction. The important thing is to focus the attention of public opinion on the 43 migrants of the Sea Watch and quibble if and who, in this Europe of 500 millions of inhabitants, will accept to take 2 or 5 or 10 illegal migrants, with the thought however turned to the next arrivals.

Question: how is it possible that the Italian people accept to be humiliated by nations that cleverly pretend to preach what Italy must or must not do, while they scratch around as they please? I confess that personally, unlike Pope Francis, I am not at all happy that Italy and Europe are atrophying while Nigeria and Africa are expanding thanks to the continuous influx of clandestine "resources".

Another question: how is it possible to accept the message that comes from certain politics that the Italians want to be proud and proud of not showing pride or pride? Now everything hovers over the hope that to deal with problems that primarily affect the security and inviolability of national borders is ... the judiciary! The judiciary, not the Armed Forces.

And in response to Carola's attempt to crush an Italian military boat against the quay, an Elisabetta Trenta proudly responds with uplifting appeals and thanks for the mini-retreat that Italy has shown. One wonders why the defense minister is not the one to solve the problem, leaving the quiet magistracy to deal with the recent known miasmas that have overwhelmed it but so far have left no trace, except for some uplifting self-suspension and usual presidential pistol.

Final note: there is no doubt that the military first must respect the laws, as well as obey orders, but just as the first are opposed to objections of conscientious conscience, so to the second, when the task to be performed is involved the safety of our soldiers, we must react by acting on our own initiative, at the cost of slipping (and here I contradict myself) into the virtue of disobedience preached by General De Gaulle (v.articolo). That is why as a commander of the GDF boat I would have made Carola feel like a player with some firearms of warning, even if only with an 9 caliber pistol ... just to underline who is in charge on Italian territory. I know from experience that it works ... with any Carola, without distinction of sex, race, language, religion, political opinions, personal and social conditions.

Photo: Twitter / Sea Watch / web