The summer of online defense: the crisis management of Sigonella (1985) and Bari (1991)

(To David Rossi)

For next Thursday, 22 August, the reader will be able to choose between two different events but, I believe, among the most interesting of the years of the end of the Cold War: on the one hand, the crisis of Sigonella including the hijacking of the Achille Lauro and the most serious incident in the history of relations between Italy and the US in the last 70 years and, on the other hand, the arrival of the ship Vlora Albania with its load of some tens of thousands of poor bastards and the total lack of preparation of the country to manage such an emergency in a short time.

Reasonably, it is doubtful that even today, despite the experiences of the last quarter of a century in the field of terrorism and immigration, we would know what to do if we get an airplane with head on board terrorists that interest ... from die both in Washington or Moscow and in one of our most strategic Arab friends. Or if we were not in Lampedusa but in Palermo or Catania one or two ships carrying as many desperate people as the inhabitants of Empoli or Ercolano to manage.

Try, if possible, to tell us what would have happened if ... one of these stories had gone as you imagine it!

Please, stay in between minimum of 400 and a maximum of 800 words.

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