Readers speak: the fifty years of the moon landing and the future of space missions

(To David Rossi)

Dear readers, thank you for how you reacted recently to our request on the greatest generals (and admirals) of the contemporary era.

Now, with the occasion of the fifty years of the first human exploration of the lunar soil, we would like to make some reflections with the readers, asking you the opinion on three questions:

What was the strategic value of the American "conquest" of the Moon the 20 July 1969?

Fifty years later, what is the state of human activity in space?

What future for space missions with human presence?

Please try, as they say, to "stay on the piece" without digressing and keep strictly between the 200 and the 300 words.

Avoid constrictions and conspiracy.

The deadline is Wednesday July 17. Obviously, no anonymity.

The address to send your thought contribution to is

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