Open letter to the general Nicolò Manca opposed to military unions


Good morning General. I will speak frankly as I have always done, especially with her, who has always been a warhorse of frankness. We have been united in the sword defense treaty of the bases in Sardinia and this has often seen us together on public occasions and of this I acknowledge and thank you. Allow me, however, to express all my absolute opposition to his thoughts on the military unions!

I read her recently article on Online Defense and I do not even share the commas. His thoughts on this subject, allow me a joke, is likely to be placed in a century that there is no longer made of horses and bayonets where certain reasonings were not only shared but even necessary because of the structure of the military instrument itself. Today it is no longer so fortunately and the military union is the result of historic battles begun in the square in the '75 by the military democratic movement to restore dignity to workers with the stars until those years harassed by a military system that even had the timetable , paid badly and the conditions in the bases and barracks were bad for an infinity of things that I'm not here to list.

The military union is the result of a ruling by the Constitutional Court of our Republic, the result of appeals to Strasbourg and indications of the European Union and not a habit of a minister to 5 stars as you claim in his article.

It is the result of the request of most men in uniform who no longer recognize themselves in a Bourbon military system that only wants to command and control everything. Today's military is cultured, a graduate and highly specialized in a modern society that runs at the speed of light.

The military union is not a limit but an added value to improve military institutions with the contribution of new ideas, new life and good practices. It has been demonstrated that the major states reach up to a certain point in dealing with the wellbeing of the personnel, which today is the most important defense resource today, and where the main staff does not arrive today the trade union enters, made up of servicemen, to contribute also through political and media pressure to the improvement of life in the bases and barracks. The commanders, contrary to what she says, do not come anywhere and have enormous limits, first of all disciplinary and even financial.

Today it is up to a third party, free and democratic, to lend a hand to improve the conditions of military personnel and to ensure that these conditions are suitable to guarantee the operation of the military instrument. In fact, this last aspect affects everyone and not only the major states because the armed forces are citizens and the military are citizens in their turn at the service of citizens.

The time has come to open up to change and avoid unnecessary resistance since these can only exacerbate the climate and open a warm front that risks ideologically dividing military personnel and higher states.

The military union is for everyone! Even for the larger states, because where the military leaders do not arrive, trade unions can arrive through politics, mediation and the press. These are the armed forces of today and of the future desired by the Consulta. Armed forces that embrace their workers and work together through legally recognized instruments, with all legal guarantees such as unions.

Always with respect and affection

Antonsergio Belfiori (Promoter of the Committee for the establishment of the SIAM - Military Aeronautical Union)

I do not agree. In all this there is only talk about politics policy. For those who want to do politics is fine, but not for me. If I had thought otherwise I would have left the uniform and I would have gone to politics. The fact remains that some military jackpits even if it does not seem to influence and like things.

However, our respectable opinions affect only the two of us, but I confess that I delude myself that among the 20.000 readers of my page on the first day of Online Defense a good (?) Number you think like me.

Gen. Nicolò Manca

Photo: US Army