Budget Law (S) ... No warranties for the Defense and Security Sub-Fund !!!


In a difficult period for the country, with an international economic crisis with a difficult solution, given the unstable geopolitical situation, national policy responses are unsatisfactory for the future of the defense and security sector. You can not live only with announcements flaunted on social networks, depriving staff representatives of a dialectical confrontation on major issues for which the involvement of the intermediate bodies of the company is needed, able to make a balanced and constructive contribution to the needs of professional operators. Every opportunity was missed to find out about the effects of the budget law on the entire sector, where the Government took the responsibility to avoid even the parliamentary debate, putting itself back to a mere contractual calculation, unrelated to the real needs to be met. The cross-sectional comparison with all the Ministers concerned, from Defense to Security, from the Economy to the Interior and to Justice, was lacking. Let's get out of the facade rhetoric and compare ourselves with the contents.

The resources included in the budget law can not guarantee an appreciable concertation, nor the possibility of redesigning a relaunch of the careers of a staff who does not intend to beg compensation, but asks for the respect of their professionalism not adequately compensated and measured. On the other hand, we have witnessed for years a mere consolidation of a ruling class that in a deafening silence, is constantly looking for leading roles in the PA.

Without resources it will never be possible to guarantee the much-debated operation Safe Roads, which would require reflection on the conditions and legislative competences of military personnel. You can not be helpless before judicial decisions such as the interruption of the prescription, because they would be less constitutional guarantees for a sector that performs delicate public tasks and potentially would be suspended from service for indefinite terms, without wages and certainty of due process .

Without the much sought-after democratic confrontation, the process of unionization sentenced by the Constitutional Court will be altered or misrepresented in the profiles that the Charter, on which this sector has sworn an oath, already extensively describes. We leave the rooms of a bureaucracy perched within the walls of their office and open up to the academic world and the labor law culture that has built the representative world of the country.

The delegates of category C of the Cocer Interforze Sergeants and Brigadieri, with deep regret and with painful observation, do not delude themselves of the unfounded promises and do not want to find themselves in a recessive period already lived in the 2011.

It will be Christmas, even for us, if the electoral spots will follow concrete facts.