The AM Historical Museum of Vigna di Valle completely reopens the 28 March to the public

(To air Force)

Starting from Thursday 28 March, on the occasion of the initiatives planned for the anniversary of the 96 anniversary of the establishment of the Blue Weapon, the Historical Museum of the Air Force of Vigna di Valle will allow the public to visit a larger exhibition area. Once the maintenance work has been completed at one of the museum's hangars, the last pavilion will also be included in the exhibition of historical aircraft.

The closing period of about one year of a part of the Museum made it possible to carry out some important extraordinary maintenance works at the Skema hangar, or the last pavilion, in chronological order, of the internal exhibition route where the most modern aircraft, from the post-war period to the present day.

The event will be further enhanced by the presence on site of an aerostat, symbolic emblem of the beginning of the epic of flight that over a century ago saw the very protagonist of Vigna di Valle. The balloon in question belongs to one of the most important exponents of the national "lighter than air", John Aimo, the Italian hot air balloon flight champion currently in charge. Pilot, instructor, as well as holder of various national and international records, with more than 8500 hours of balloon flight to his credit.

On the occasion of the complete reopening to the public, the positioning of the aircraft within the hangar was revised, now arranged so as to soon be able to accommodate some new prestigious "arrivals".

The commander of the Historical and Sports Center, Colonel Giuseppe Lauriola, will proceed to the characteristic opening of the inaugural ribbon in the presence of the Museum Director, Lieutenant Colonel Adelio Roviti, representatives of the Arma Aeronautica Association - Bracciano Section (museum guides) and the military chaplain , Don Fausto Amantea.

This of Vigna di Valle is one of the initiatives for the celebration of the 96 anniversary anniversary which sees the Air Force departments open to the public with guided tours and local initiatives dedicated to the event.

Vigna di Valle is the headquarters of the Historical Museum of the Air Force, which houses the most significant aircraft supplied by the Armed Forces, including those used in the period prior to its foundation.

Vigna di Valle is also home to the Air Force Sports Center, where the Armed Forces athletes competing in the most important world level competitions are followed.