Brain waves as a password? It looks like yes ...

(To Alessandro Rugolo)

The weakness of password-based systems has led to the development of studies focused on biometrics.
Among these one in particular has focused on the use of brain waves, it seems that these are typical for each of us and their imitation remains very complex, if not impossible. Based on this assumption, several studies have led to the hypothesis of various methods of verification of access to systems based on the principle of brainwaves.

In the chorus of the studies, it is necessary to keep in mind also those who sing a different music. This is the case of some researchers (Tommy Chin, Peter Muller, John Chuang) who tried to verify the reliability of brain wave verification systems in non-ideal conditions such as drunkenness, drug or caffeine intake, or even tiredness.

From the first results of the research it would appear that the reliability of the recognition would drop from 94% to about 33% for subjects who use substances such as alcohol, caffeine or drugs. It may be good, since a drunken user could cause more damage than anything else, but it is not necessarily good for caffeine as it is still a substance used to win sleep and be able to do more demanding jobs. concentration.

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