(To Francesco Rugolo)

McAfee LLC is a computer security company founded in the 1987 under the name of McAfee Associates from John McAfee who directs it to the 1994, when he decides to leave the company.

In the 1992 the company is incorporated in the state of Delaware. After merging with Network General changes its name and then returns to being McAfee in 2004.

Society as we see it today is the result of numerous acquisitions that took place over the course of about twenty years. In recent times the company has been bought by Intel. In the 2014 it changed its name to "Intel Security" to then become independent again in the 2017.

The antivirus created by McAfee is one of the very first to enter the market, however the company is not only the producer of the software of the same name but also of a wide range of products related to computer security and consultation for companies.

Nowadays the California-based companion in Santa Clara is led by Chris Young, formerly of Cisco, RSA and AOL.
McAfee is still one of the largest in the world in its field, with almost 8000 employees and revenues of $ 2.4 billion a year. Under the leadership of Young, the company has grown considerably over the past few years, not only in the antivirus-related business, but also in the services field. cloud, deep learning e analytics.

The company, although no longer related in any way to its founder, retains its name in spite of itself. After changing his name, in the 2014, John McAfee said he was happy because his name was no longer connected in any way to the "worst software in the world", in his opinion. However the company resumed the name McAfee some time later.

John McAfee, 73 years, was born in England of an American father and an English mother but grew up in Salem, Virginia. At 15 years of age, his alcoholic father commits suicide. John holds a degree in mathematics from the 1967.

Before founding McAfee Associates he works for various companies including NASA and Lockheed. During his employment at Lockheed he began his work in the field of antivirus.

McAfee is an eccentric and very controversial personality, both in terms of political ideas and numerous problems with the law, including: imputation for the murder of a neighbor, possession of weapons, possession of drugs and much more .

Having fled to Belize and then returned to the United States, he was a candidate in the 2016 for the presidency of the United States of America, a candidacy that he will repeat, according to him, during the next 2020 campaign.
To this day, John is the CEO of Luxcore, a company that deals with cryptocurrencies.