Artificial Intelligence, an opportunity for cyber crisis management in the European Union

(To Alessandro Rugolo)

"Artificial Intelligence, an opportunity for the EU cyber-crisis management", is the theme of the next European conference on the use of artificial intelligence on the cyber world. The conference, organized by ENISA, will be held in June (3 and 4) in Athens.

The use of technologies based on Artificial Intelligence e Machine Learning it is always growing in every field, particularly where large amounts of data are used (Big Data), practically impossible to analyze without efficient and effective help.

In the cyber world the use of AI promises enormous changes but also concerns from the point of view of safety and ethics. So here is that also the European Union, through the ENISA (European Union Agency for Network and Information Security), tries to say its trying to put around a single table all the figures interested in the management of a European crisis together with the experts of Artificial Intelligence and cyber.

The main topics that will be discussed during the event are many:
- the role of the AI ​​in support of cyber security events (at political and strategic level);
- possible use of AI in the fight against misinformation and Fake News to safeguard freedom of speech;
- role of AI in supporting decision makers;
- the role of AI in the process of merging information;
- the use of AI in autonomous cyber responses;
- Open Cyber ​​Situation Awareness Machine (OpenCSAM) and future developments.

The June meeting is approaching and the topics seem suitable to attract a good number of experts.